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Neurovědecký průlom: Transformační dopad 8týdenních kurzů MBSR na strukturu mozku

Mindfulness praktikuje změnu nervových drah

Neuroscientific Breakthrough: The Transformative Impact of 8-Week MBSR Courses on Brain Structure In their groundbreaking 2012 study, Richard J. Davidson and Bruce S. McEwen unveil a new frontier in neuroscience and mental health. They reveal how Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) not only transforms our emotional landscape but also physically reshapes the brain. This remarkable research […]

Vítání roku zeleného dřevěného draka

Cesta k všímavosti s Mindfulflow

Explore the fusion of Chinese New Year traditions with quantum physics: uncovering ancient wisdom through a modern lens As we welcome the Chinese New Year on February 10th 2024, we find ourselves under the auspice of the wooden Green Dragon, a symbol revered for ushering in periods of new beginnings and transformative changes. In honor […]

Adaptace mysli začátečníka: Znovuobjevení všímavosti očima dítěte

MBSR kurz pro všímavost a snižování stresu

In mindful meditation, we often emphasize the importance of adopting a beginner’s mind, or the mind of a child. The mind of a child is curious and attentive to the present moment, free from expectations, prejudices, judgments, or preconceived thoughts. It is a state of being purely in the present moment. We cultivate this state […]

Přijetí změny: Transformační síla všímavosti

Interaktivní živé kurzy všímavosti

Life is a constant stream of change. Everything in the surrounding world, along with the happenings in our lives, is in constant flux, as are the thoughts and emotions in our minds. The principles and functions of our outer and inner environments, both collectively and individually, are deeply interconnected. Thich Nhat Hanh’s quote, ‘Thoughts are […]

Najít mír a přijmout soucit v nejistých časech

Meditace, všímavost, relaxace

In a world often shrouded in uncertainty, mindfulness emerges as a beacon of stability, peace, and compassion. This practice not only grounds us in the present moment, guiding our focus towards the steady rhythm of our breath and the reality of our bodily sensations, but also opens our hearts to the profound interconnectedness of all […]

Jak všímavost může změnit náš svět

Josef vyučující kurz MBSR a všímavého života

I think if more people knew about mindfulness, it could really change things for all of us, not just one person at a time. Mindfulness is like a hidden superpower that everyone has but we just need to remember to use it.


Vedená meditace pro vnitřní klid

As the first rays of the sun gently pierced the horizon, illuminating the vast stillness of Rondane’s mountains of Norway, I found myself immersed in an ocean of tranquility. This morning meditation was a homecoming, my first since deepening my practice and pedagogy at the Institute of Mindfulness approaches in Berlin. Surrounded by the timeless beauty of nature—the stoic trees, the steadfast mountains, the embracing meadows, and the overarching sky—I was struck by an overwhelming sense of presence.

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Meditace všímavosti pro snížení stresu

I am Josef Beran, your guide and companion on this journey. Here, within these digital pages, I’ll share with you the musings of my thinker’s mind and the verse of my poetic soul. This blog is an extension of the philosophies and practices I hold dear, a space where I unfold the quiet revelations and the loud thoughts that come from engaging deeply with the world through a mindful lens.