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Qi- Gong: Mastery of the Breath

Qi-Gong Bliss: Balance and Energize Your Life

Welcome to Mindful Flow’s Qi-Gong section. My course, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, primarily focuses on Ba-Duan Jin basics and key Qi-Gong breathing techniques.

Qi-Gong, a holistic practice, skillfully combines body postures, fluid movements, breath control, and meditation. It’s versatile, aiming to boost physical and mental health, foster spiritual development, and enhance martial arts skills.”

Three Pillars of Qi-Gong:

1. Physical Movement: Emphasizing body alignment during movements and postures.
2. Breathing: Synchronizing with movements and understanding breathing patterns.
3. Intention: Focusing on the mental state and mindfulness.

Free Ba Duan Jin and Qi-Gong Basics Course

Shaolin Ba Duan Jin roughly translates to the 8 brocades exercises. This concise and memorable routine comprises 8 distinct stances, each with its own breathing patterns, tension levels, and focus.

Ba Duan Jin is the world´s most widespread form for its simplicity and benefits.

Elevate your life’s quality: Fall ill less often, Recover swiftly, Boost your vitality, and Augment your well-being! Experience enhanced sleep, reduced anxiety, and heightened joy!


Advanced Ba Duan Jin and Deepening Qi-gong Course

The advanced course is currently under developement and is going to be available soon.

Improved Blood Circulation: Gentle movements stimulate blood flow, bolstering cardiovascular health. 

Flexibility and Balance: Regularity enhances flexibility, joint mobility, and muscle function, reducing fall risks. 

Strengthened Immune System: Some research indicates a bolstered immune response through Qi- Gong. 


   – Stress Reduction: Its meditative aspects induce profound relaxation, alleviating stress and   anxiety.    

  – Improved Focus: Emphasizing mindfulness sharpens attention. 

   – Emotional Equilibrium: Harmonizing body and mind to foster emotional steadiness. 

   – Harmonized Qi: Central to Qi- Gong is balancing ‘Qi’ or ‘life energy’ flow, believed to boost overall vitality. 

   – Enhanced Sleep: Practitioners often observe improved sleep and energy upticks. 


   – Inner Connection: Amplifies self-awareness and inner connection. 

   – Universal Bond: Some practices accentuate the bond with the universe or nature, promoting harmony. 

Benefits of Mindful Movement:

1. Mind-Body Synchronization Heightened awareness from slow, intentional movement intensifies the mind-body bond.
2. Injury Prevention: Slow movements ensure optimal posture, curtailing injury risks.
3. Deep Relaxation: Induces calmness by lowering stress hormones.
4. Augmented Coordination: Enhances coordination and proprioception.
5. Muscle Tone: Controlled movements can bolster muscle activation, refining tone and strength.
6. Mindful Meditation: Transforms activity into a meditative practice, nurturing mindfulness and mental well-being.