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Discovering Mindfulness Through a Sunset: Embrace Change

Sunset view with vibrant colors and geometric shapes, symbolizing mindfulness and change.


Discovering Mindfulness Through a Sunset: Embrace Change

This sunset experience was full of unique moments, views, forms, colors, energy, geometry, shapes, and beauty. These forms, perspectives, and different angles of view evoked in me the following thoughts I want to share.

Have you ever realized that the way you see things around you is the way you see yourself? The information or thoughts you possess, learn, or are taught profoundly shape your self-perception and worldview. It’s crucial to question what thoughts and information capture your attention, as you often accept them as your own, letting them shape your reality and even your identity. But what if these thoughts and information aren’t truly yours? What if they don’t define your reality?

Consider if your views and reality are limiting your self-expression, making you feel closed-minded and restrictive. These are essential questions to ask, and finding the answers is a personal journey.

Start by observing and doing the research. Pay attention to how the reality you live in makes you feel. Observe the information and thoughts you encounter and their sources. Reflect on where you are in life, who you want to be, and how far you are from that vision. Identify who and what controls your life besides you. Adjust the information and thoughts you accept, educate yourself, and change your perspectives.

By doing this, you can step by step create a different world and reality where you are free from manipulation, living by your choices, and most importantly, feeling pleasant. Manifesting and being in control instead of being controlled requires the will to change and the courage to be honest with yourself.

Remember, different angles and perspectives lead to different outcomes. It is never too late to take charge of your life. Everything is temporary; the nature of life is a constant stream of change. Life is too precious and short to be lived in constant fear, depression, stress, anxiety, or other survival modes. There are always solutions, choices, and techniques available.

Live with acceptance, let go, and avoid judging or reacting impulsively. Make good choices with compassion towards yourself and others. Stay present, observe, and remain curious. Finding suitable techniques and ways to live a pleasant life, regardless of circumstances, is key.

As Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer in mindfulness research, said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” This encapsulates the essence of navigating life’s challenges with mindfulness.

For more on the benefits of mindfulness and its impact on perception, you can explore this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4471980/ titled “The Role of Mindfulness in Reducing Stress and Enhancing Performance” published in the journal *Mindfulness*.

Embrace change. Live mindfully.



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Sunset view with vibrant colors and geometric shapes, symbolizing mindfulness and change.
Sunset view with vibrant colors and geometric shapes, symbolizing mindfulness and change.