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About Me

Embrace Mindfulness with Josef Beran. Unique path of Joy and calm.

Certified Teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from IMA Berlin’s Institute (the oldest institute for mindfulness on the European Continent), I offer a multidisciplinary approach to well-being. My path includes  12-Months Shaolin Self-Mastery course and norwegian NOCNA certification of Mindfulness Teacher and NLP practitioner. With diverse techniques from Qi-Gong to Taiji and 15 years as a massage therapist, I guide you to inner harmony and help you to embrace mindfulness in your life..

Vision and Mission

I am committed to facilitating societal transformation, providing tools and guidance for better understanding, coping, and control. Additionally, I highlight the crucial role of mental and physical health in our fast-paced world. Advocating for practices that strengthen both personal and societal wellness, and embrace mindfulness is my focus.

Skills and Expertise

Certified MBSR Teacher

With my robust certification from Berlin's Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches, I expertly guide individuals in mindfulness and meditation. These practices are key to alleviating stress and boosting overall well-being.

Qi Gong & Taiji Practitioner

My dedicated years of practice, including completing the Shaolin Self-Mastery course, enrich my teaching. I focus on cultivating balance, harmony, and breath mastery through these disciplines.

Massage Therapist

Since 2009, my expertise in massage therapy has grown, leading to a specialization in Chinese Tuina massage. I offer various therapeutic techniques for holistic well-being. These methods are seamlessly integrated with mindfulness practices.

Extensive Journey in Mindfulness:

At 17, my journey with tea began in a tranquil teahouse, leading me to become a Tea Master by 20, deeply understanding high-quality teas. This path expanded to include massage and Chinese medicine, deepening my love for Asian cultures.

In Norway’s mountains, I embraced mindfulness, integrating it into my being. It became more than a practice; it was a homecoming, syncing my breath with life’s rhythm.

My massage therapy career has been broad, encompassing various techniques including Thai massage and Chinese Tuina. My meditation practice, enhanced by Taiji, Qi-gong, and Yoga, grew with a 12-month Shaolin program.

Becoming an MBSR teacher at Berlin’s Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA) solidified my role. My experience in several week-long Mindfulness and Zen meditation retreats in silence deepened my commitment to this path.

Now, 18 years since my mindful journey began with tea, Mindful Flow is my offering to you. It’s a blend of ancient wisdom and modern teaching, guiding you towards mindful living. Here, we’ll not just explore but live mindfulness together.

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