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Empower Your Mind: Live MBSR & Mindfulness Courses

Live 8-Week MBSR Course

MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) is an 8-week  transformative program. This program reduces stress, enhances resilience, nurtures focus, and reshapes your interaction with the ever-changing dynamics of life.

Begin your MBSR journey today! Click below for course details and registration. I’m here to help you start your path to mindfulness.

The current course limit is max. 7 participants.

I want my courses to be accessible to everyone, without cost being a barrier. If you wish to enroll but find the fees challenging, I offer a 20% discount or scholarship option. To apply, please include in your application:

1. Your reason for applying for the discount or scholarship.
2. Your top three motivations for joining this course.
3. The amount you can afford to pay. You decide the amount you can contribute, based on what is feasible for you and reflects your motivation to participate in the course.

MBSR represents a practical and proven method for reducing stress through mindfulness. This structured program, developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979. The effectiveness of the course is supported by numerous studies and tens of thousands of successful outcomes, and in many parts of the world, including Europe, it has become an integral part of healthcare. MBSR helps participants cope with physical, psychological, and emotional pain and teaches techniques of meditation, mindful movement, and body-mind awareness with kindness. These skills are taught to be directly applied to daily interactions and communication with oneself and the world around us.

The structure of teaching the 8-Week MBSR Course, whether delivered online through streaming or in physical classes, typically follows a consistent format:

1. Orientation Session: Begin with an orientation session to introduce participants to the program, explain the principles of MBSR, and set expectations for the course. (Held individually either in private or in group setting) 

2. Week 1 – Week 8 Sessions: Each weekly session lasts around 2.5 hours. These sessions include guided mindfulness practices, such as body scan, sitting meditation, yoga, and other practical exercises. Participants explore various MBSR themes with main focus on stress and learn to integrate mindfulness into daily life.

3. Day of Mindfulness: Around the midpoint of the course, “Silent Day of Mindfulness” session, usually lasting around 7 hours. This day allows participants to deepen their practice and experience mindfulness in a sustained and immersive way.

4. Guided Home Practice: Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to engage in daily home practice, including guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.

5. Group Dialogue and Sharing: Facilitate group discussions where participants can share their experiences, insights, and challenges with the practices.

6. Weekly Themes: Each week focuses on specific themes, such as stress awareness, mindful communication, self-compassion, resilience, and responding to challenges.

7. Reflections and Assignments: Participants may be given reflections or homework assignments related to the week’s theme, encouraging self-inquiry and deepening understanding.

8. Mindful Movement: Incorporate mindful movement practices, such as gentle yoga, to foster body awareness and relaxation.

9. Teacher Support: Provide ongoing support to participants, offering guidance and addressing questions or concerns.

10. Graduation Session/ Post-Interview: Conclude the 8-week course with a graduation session, reflecting on the journey, sharing insights, and celebrating the progress made.

Both online and physical classes follow this structure, with adjustments made to accommodate the format. Online sessions are based on live stream of guided practices, interactive group discussions via video conferencing, and digital resources for home practice. Physical classes take place in a suitable venue, and participants engage in face-to-face interactions, guided practices, and group dialogue.

Throughout the course, the instructor fosters a safe and supportive environment, encouraging participants to cultivate mindfulness and develop their inner resources for greater well-being and resilience.

  1. MBSR- Health Promoting Measures that work: FHI Norwegian Public health Department study summary on Health Promoting benefits of MBSR course (2017), Regular MBSR practice fosters increased life satisfaction, vitality, and emotional balance. *(Barbara L. Fredrickson, Michael A. Cohn, Kimberly A. Coffey, Jolynn Pek, and Sandra M. Finkelet al., 2008)*
  2. Stress Reduction: Mindfulness practices in MBSR reduce symptoms of stress and its detrimental effects on the body. *(J Kabat-Zinn 1982)*
  3.  Improved Physical Health: Decreased pain levels and enhanced immune function are reported benefits. *(David S. Black1 and George M. Slavich2 et al., 2016)*
  4.  Cognitive Benefits: Mindfulness improves attention, cognitive flexibility, and working memory capacity. *(Lena Wimmer,* Silja Bellingrath, and Lisa von Stockhausen 2016)*
  5. Enhanced Focus & Work Productivity: Mindfulness practices have been linked to increased focus, heightened work productivity, and an improved work environment. *Gu Zhenjing, 1 Supat Chupradit, 2 Kuo Yen Ku,corresponding author 3 , * Abdelmohsen A. Nassani, 4 and Mohamed Haffar 5 2022)*
  6.  Emotion Regulation: Mindfulness practices foster emotional intelligence and improve mood disorders. *(Norman A. S. Farb, PhD,1 Adam K. Anderson, PhD,1,2 and Zindel V. Segal, PhD3,4 2012 )*
  7.  Enhanced Self-awareness: Regular practitioners develop a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. *(Brown, Kirk Warren Ryan, Richard M. 2003)*
  8. Improved Relationships: Mindfulness practices can lead to more satisfying personal relationships. *(Gesa Kappen,corresponding author1 Johan C. Karremans,1 William J. Burk,1 and Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik  2018)*
  9. Reduction in Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: MBSR has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. *(Stefan G. Hofmann, Alice T. Sawyer, Ashley A. Witt, and Diana Oh 2010)*
  10.  Combatting Addictive Behaviors: Mindfulness practices can assist in addiction recovery. *(Adam D. Wilson,1 Corey R. Roos,1 Charles S. Robinson,1 Elena R. Stein,1 Jacob A. Manuel,2 Matthew C. Enkema,3Sarah Bowen,2 and Katie Witkiewitz1 2017)*
  11. Enhanced Sleep Quality: Using Mindfulness for the treatment of Insomnia *(Jason C. Ong, Ph.D.corresponding author and Christine E. Smith, M.A. 2017)*
  12.  Reduction in Healthcare Costs: Engaging in MBSR may lead to fewer hospital visits, contributing to savings in healthcare costs. *(Beth Roth 1Tae-Wol Stanley 2002)*
  13.  Better Balance & Overall Health: Meditation programs for psychological stress and wellbeing: a systematic review and meta anylysis. *(2014)*.
  14. Positive Societal Impact: As more people practice mindfulness, broader societal benefits like increased harmony and collective well-being become evident *(Richard J. Davidson and Bruce S. McEwen 2012)*.

Note: While numerous studies highlight the potential benefits of MBSR and mindfulness practices, individual experiences may vary. The outcomes can be influenced by various factors, including personal commitment, current health status, and individual circumstances.*

Workshops & Classes

My introductory workshops provide the perfect starting point to grasp the fundamentals, while my deepening practice classes invite you to further hone your skills.

Mindful coaching and consultations

Experience transformative Mindful Coaching to manage stress, enhance understanding, and apply mindfulness in daily life. Explore mindful eating, workplace mindfulness, and emotional management with my Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction expertise. Benefit from a blend of meditation instruction and practical applications. Starting May 2024, choose from flexible online or in-person sessions, customized to your personal goals for comprehensive mindfulness mastery.

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